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Our Story

Louise and Isabella met in Edinburgh in 2018 - both unknowingly ‘interviewing’ the other.

Bella was working with dogs in the area and Louise was nervously looking for support of a high standard that could be relied on occasionally throughout Timber’s life.

Bella expected to turn up and meet an overexcited, overweight Golden Retriever that would jump up on her, claw at her clothes and drag her across the street on the lead; Louise (despite having intensely researched Bella’s business!) was suspicious of anyone being able to handle Timber in the way that she thought right (how to tell people that on-leash greetings are a big fat no?!…)

But when they met… it was immediately evident that they SHARED A PASSION.

They believe that canine welfare is not what it should be; it’s not currently at a standard that our dogs deserve. Humanisation of the canine species is having such a detrimental impact on our best friends.

They even joked about creating an over-arching organisation to pull in all the elite, reputable and ethical professionals and dispel the ever-growing misinformation that spreads in the pet industry...

And in 2020, WE incorporated that organisation.

Welcome to proHOUND.

About Louise

Louise is a Chartered Engineer - she is a science and data geek. She comes from a regulated industry with verification of evidenced-based professional competence, with high academic requirements.

So why is she involved with canine welfare?
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Louise couldn’t believe her own eyes and ears as she stepped into the canine world. From vets insisting on repeated annual vaccinations (ignoring basic immunology science, as well as WSAVA & WHO guidelines) to 'trainers' rebutting both theoretical and evidence-based science, she became quickly aware that this industry was not one to use its own so-called science – in fact, said science is often twisted into pseudoscience.

Louise is passionate about identifying root-causes and designing robust solutions for them. She thrives in working with science-based, evidence-based experts and injecting their knowledge and understanding into systems, processes, procedures, protocol and framework. That's why she's here.

Louise is responsible for two working line Golden Retrievers, Timber and Dram. Together they make a harmonious household but are sadly 'reacted at' every two minutes in the outside world (they live in central Edinburgh).

She is currently enrolled in the FIRST Ofqual-regulated Canine Nutrition course. Louise’s role at proHOUND is collaboration with industry leaders, whilst also designing strategy and tech to eventually lead to the influencing of regulation and legislation.

About Bella

Isabella is a Modern Foreign Languages graduate who ran a successful solo dog walking and pet dog training business in Edinburgh for four years. She holds an active license for drug detection dog handling under NASDU. Isabella still does pet dog training and thoroughly enjoys showing people how to live a more harmonious life with their dogs.
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As for dog sports, nose work is obviously Isabella's favourite - qualifying her dog Ava as a drug detection dog is her biggest achievement.

Isabella's passion for improving the standards of canine welfare and therefore creating proHOUND is long-standing; she first noticed how imbalanced things were at only 19 years old.

Bella very much has the front-facing role here at proHOUND. She takes the lead on comms and communicating our amazing updates!

Our Collaborative Effort

Our Co-Founders are but a fraction of our impact.

Our real impact is our growing community.

Our community of RSPs is 46 strong

We have co-hosted 47 events

Totalling 1921 attendees

But sadly, we only have 525 dogs on LogYourDog™,
just a fraction of our myHOUND community!

(add your dog in myHOUND!)

It's just not possible to undo >40 years' worth of damage on our own.
That's why we're building what we're building.

We are always looking for those that share our values and can
REALLY see what is kind (we prefer ethical) to the canine species.

If you think you can be a part of that, we'd love to hear from you.

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“proHOUND was established:
to collaboratively centralise and circulate credible information (while critiquing both evidence and science);
to dispel 1) misinformation 2) disinformation 3) pseudoscience and 4) propaganda;
to share know-how; and to influence the respective regulation and legislation on all disharmonies surrounding the domestic canine."

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