is the first non-profit of its kind.

What is ethical?

Who is reputable?

What really constitutes kindness to the canine species?

How can you tell right from wrong, for your own individual dog?

Transforming the standards of canine welfare


Respect the species; save our canines.

The dog world is a highly emotionally-charged place.

Most often though, these human emotions are unhelpful to the true welfare of our canine companions;
they can even hinder our dogs from living their best possible (painfully short) lives.

Because when emotions run high, rationale runs low.

"Rule your mind or it will rule you."


"A gem cannot be polished without friction"


"The opinion of 10,000 [humans] is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject."
Marcus Aurelius

Here at proHOUND®, questions are everything.

In this complex world with instant access to very poor quality information, don't our dogs deserve this from us?

  • Listening to opinions that make us think hard,
    not just views that make us feel good?

  • Choosing your associates based on the decency of their behaviour,
    not the similarity of their beliefs?

  • Seeing disagreement as a chance to learn,
    not as threat to our ego?

  • Weak science exists, and is prevalent in all science today.

    Click here for Stanford on pseudoscience

    (identified) proHOUND® Problem Areas


    So... what is going on?

    We're here to collectively stop the spread of toxic misinformation.

      We must respect and protect the canine species and the individuality of each unique dog by providing education on what it REALLY means to be kind to each and every one of our beloved captive carnivores.

      The pet industry is drowning in pseudoscience, misinformation, disinformation and propaganda. This is dangerous because pseudoscience in particular makes people feel they are doing the right thing for their beloved dogs by enabling humanisation of their innate canine qualities.

    It's now normal to humanise our pets, without much focus on what they need as a species - we're decreasing their quality of life. The mechanics, morals and ethics of the pet industry add fuel to this fire.

    Unbeknownst to the majority of dog owners, most dogs are running riot at the expense of others. Reactivity and lack of recall, for example, have no place in the life of a content and safe dog.

    In addition, apparent allergies, UTIs, pancreatitis and cancer are now considered a normal part of dog ownership but there is light here that we aim to expose.

    The domestic canine's most basic needs have now been lost in amongst an unregulated and money-driven industry

    Our dogs deserve better. Let's DO better, together.

    Our Growing Impact

    Our myHOUND platform has something for everyone;
    from new owners and professionals,
    to sport owners and those seeking CPD.

    It's free to join.

    Dog Neutrality Database
      Does your dog currently struggle to be content and neutral in the presence of other dogs?

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      A major (collective) failing in the UK’s dogs today is the inability to be calm, content and neutral around other dogs. We know that many of you reading this have struggled to find likeminded people with whom to practise teaching this basic life skill, so we have created a unique, bespoke and innovative system to allow you to do just that.

      Our Dog Neutrality Database is a completely safe way for likeminded myHOUND users to connect with someone nearby, then meet and practise together at a date, time and location of their choosing. Full postcodes are kept private at all times and used only for myHOUND’s background distance calculations.

    Online Events
       Are you looking for high-quality, reputable information on specific topics?

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      Our online events are packed with just that. There’s an online event for everyone: from puppy training to reactivity and from scent work to contraversial tools, everything is discussed in an accessible, interactive and comprehensive way. We even discuss some of the most popular books in the industry!

      We live in a world of instant access to very poor quality information as well as deliberate misguidance. We invite our Recommended Service Providers (the best trainers, walkers and nutritionists in the UK) to present these webinars and circulate only credible, reputable and objective FACT. There is an entire library of webinar topics now available, with memberships being the most cost-effective way to access them (starting with myHOUND Mini at just £8/month).

    Shadow Programme
      Do you seek to learn from reputable trainers who know how to ethically AND effectively train dogs?

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      Our bespoke Shadow Programme is the first of its kind in that not only can you design your experience exactly how you want it , but you can also gain unique, practical experience from the very best in the country.

      In an industry filled with both ill-informed armchair experts as well as those who swear by outdated methodology, it really is tough to know who you should listen to to achieve what is best for each individual dog. This programme will teach you how to do just that and even how to run a dog walking or training business.

      The Shadow Programme is currently the UK's most comprehensive shadowing opportunity to learn from a wide range of the industry's best. You might be a pet owner looking to cover Puppies; you might be a dog walker looking to cover Reactivity. We welcome you to learn from only the best!

    Recommended Service Providers
      Are you searching for reputable, ethical AND effective service providers in your area?

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      Our Recommended Service providers have been hand-selected as the industry’s finest, whether in dog walking, training, grooming or nutrition.

      These professionals are rigorously vetted in key areas to ensure not only that they are not contributing to the spread of misinformation but also that they are having an ethical, positive effect on the individual dogs they encounter in their working lives.
      They are dedicated to making every single dog a happy, healthy, rounded and beautifully balanced individual. Everyone in myHOUND can search for RSPs according to what services they offer and where they are in the country.

    Fresh Feeding App
      Do you struggle with any of the maths involved with fresh feeding? Perhaps you are new to raw food and would like to be told the numbers?

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      We support and encourage the feeding of a fresh diet for our facultative carnivores.

      However, we are well aware it can be pretty hard wrapping your head around all the food groups and measurements, especially if you’re trying DIY. Join us in myHOUND for free to make all of this super easy - let myHOUND do the maths and add as many dogs as you like!

      This app is one of the many free features we have for our myHOUND Basic members.

    Resources and Discounts
      Are you looking for reputable free resources? myHOUND Basic members get access to a wealth of free information, which includes the dispelling of things you will find on Google.

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      We have a wealth of resources available in myHOUND. Whether you want to improve your knowledge of terminology with our Glossary or access a step-by-step guide to crate training, we add new information for you to absorb frequently. There’s even a list of ideas for natural treats and chews!

      Check out our External Links section for handy sources of reputable information too. What’s more, we have discounts available for members, all the way from natural treats to bespoke pet portraits and equipment suppliers.

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    “proHOUND was established:
    to collaboratively centralise and circulate credible and scientific fact;
    to dispel 1) misinformation 2) disinformation 3) pseudoscience and 4) propaganda;
    to share know-how; and to influence the respective regulation and legislation on all disharmonies surrounding the domestic canine."

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